Junk Removal

In addition to ice and snow removal Herndon VA services, M&M Expert Services provides year-round removal of unwanted and/or no longer needed furniture, electronic or mechanical equipment, appliances and any other accumulation of unwanted items in your homes, offices, yards and garages. Some companies call these items “junk” but as the saying goes…someone else’s “junk” is someone else’s treasure. One of the things we at M&M Expert Services pride ourselves in providing is the confidence that your job requirement, no matter how small or large, will be professionally attended to.

In addition to clearing out unwanted items from interiors of homes, garages and offices, we will also help get rid of construction debris that was accumulated during a do-it-yourself owner project. We all know how do-it-yourself projects end up. We have all been faced with that as homeowners ourselves. First, it is just removing excess items from a garage. Then it moves to that room in the house that has accumulated stuff over the years. Perhaps, it is the outside of the house that needs cleaning up. Whatever the removal requirement…we can accommodate you.


No Job is Too Small

While we are the experts for snow removal Herndon VA, no junk removal job is too small for M&M Expert Services. We can simply remove an unwanted refrigerator or washer or dryer or any other appliance or item that the owner no longer wants and will gladly provide this service. If there is a question about a specific removal issue, simply call M&M Expert Services and inquire about how we can remove it for you.

One of the best things about using us for your junk removal needs, or snow removal Herndon VA, is the convenience of having your old or just unwanted items removed is that they can be refurbished and placed in homes that need them. Many people look for unwanted furniture and cabinets that they can recover or simply repaint to make them new again and for their homes. There are also parts to equipment that can be recycled to refurbish the same type of equipment that someone else could use. Finally, anything that is no longer useful to anyone can be sold for scrap. Landfills are avoided as much as possible and here at M&M Expert Services we take pride in doing everything possible to avoid using landfills which contribute to the pollution of our beautiful earth.


Free Estimates

Not only do we offer free estimates for snow removal Herndon VA, but do the same for our junk removal service. With a quick call to us, we will arrange a convenient appointment time with you to assess your disposal requirements and will provide you with a fair and competitive price for removal of the item or items. Should you have any requirements to have removed items that may be considered or classified as hazardous, biological or chemical, please contact us for further details and assessment. You can be assured that M&M Expert Services uses hauling equipment that makes it easier to load your disposals and take them away.


Real Estate Pre-Sale House Clutter Removal

M&M Expert Services will help homeowners with any seasonal cleaning removal of unwanted items. No matter the season, or even if there is snow and ice on the roads. Because we provide snow removal Herndon VA services, we can remove the snow to make it to the location you need! We will help clients remove yard waste and construction debris. We will also concentrate on helping real estate agents remove items in homes that are for sale to improve the open house appearance of their listings.

We also can help with the removal of office furniture and equipment with a company that is either moving or closing their location.

HVAC Equipment Removal

Anything that is located in the interior of homes can be disposed of or recycled by M&M Expert Services. One of those services entails heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. These items can be extremely heavy and awkward to get rid of. We at M&M Expert Services can handle these for you. Imagine attempting to lift a heavy air conditioner yourself and then having to carry it in your vehicle to a dump site, which may or not be approved because of the hazardous freon and oils in the system. So, then all you would have to do is call M&M Expert Services and we will remove that dirty unit and have it taken to a metal recycling yard for you where it will be disposed of hassle-free and safely.


Appliances Removal

Another benefit to using M&M Expert Services is that you will not have to contend with lifting heavier appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, compactors, washing machines and dryers. Unless you have the proper equipment to move these large and heavy appliances, moving them yourself could present serious problems such as physical harm to yourself or damage to your home from dropping the item.


Heavy Furniture Removal

M&M Expert Services will also remove those heavy pieces of furniture that almost every home has at least a couple of these items today such as China cabinets, buffets, dressers and beds, mattresses and armoires and self-standing tall storage mirrors. All awkward and heavy items to carry yourself. We have the equipment necessary to take care of these items for you.


Television, Projection Screens and any other Entertainment Items

Other items that are overlooked but can be equally awkward and heavy to remove are televisions, and wall hanging presentation or projection screens. The larger ones require more than one person or more, depending on the size, to remove and can be a daunting task for a homeowner by himself. We at M&M Expert Services will take care of that for you.


Our Commitment to Our Customers

Whether you need snow removal Herndon VA services or junk removal services, M&M Expert Services will take care of you. If you have interior furniture or equipment items to haul away, or even small items, we will help you to dispose of them by recycling them or donating them to those who can use them. We pride ourselves in not having to use landfills as much as possible so as not to contribute to the pollution of our planet. M&M Expert Services will, of course, help you get rid of smaller appliances and less heavy furniture that you may have as well. No job is too daunting nor too small for our company.

We not only cater to private homeowners, or real estate agents trying to declutter their listings, but also to commercial businesses as well. All you have to do is to give us a call and we will promptly respond to your needs.