About Us

I am Greg McGreevy and I am the founder of M&M Expert Services. The foundation and main objective of M&M Expert Services is to provide excellent and prompt snow removal Herndon VA services needed for any and all of your commercial snow removal requirements.

Since my early days at home, my parents had always instilled in me responsibility and the value of hard work and accomplishments. I was responsible for mowing our lawn and helping my father do other chores around the house, such as maintaining our bushes, edging, trimming and weeding.

My first business while in early elementary school was to start up a shoe shining endeavor. For a nickel, I would go around our neighborhood with my mother in the background and offer to shine shoes. This lasted for about a week. I got one customer who lived in our neighborhood and that was the extent of my first business venture. I was so proud of my nickel that it spurred me on to other endeavors.

I must have gotten the itch to start my own business from my parents. My father started several businesses while I was growing up. All were successful and kept morphing as time went on. His first business was involved with the development of a radon measuring machine which was a precursor to all of the radon measuring machines invented and to the development of the in-home portable radon measuring device. This development morphed into another company which now was measuring actual radon that was in homes and businesses.

After the radon measuring start-up, the business was renamed, and the measurement of radon exploded with large contracts with real estate companies that then were requiring radon measurements in their sales contracts for home buyer’s protections. This company became the largest of its kind in the Washington Metropolitan area.

After many years of a successful run, my father and his original business partner and best friend moved on from measuring radon to another company start-up installing communications systems in law firms and in building communication spaces for both businesses and the government. This business then started to invent and patent devices that aided in telecommunications with both the government and private businesses that exist still today.

My mother also started a small business with her best friend many years before gift baskets were the norm. Unfortunately, although the baskets themselves, as my mother would advertise, “were beautifully decorated and full of beautiful gifts and wonderfully tasting foods”, the business was only really busy during the Christmas and Easter holidays. They had a few accounts with businesses who would purchase gift baskets from them for special presentations to their clients as a thank you or for their employees for a job well done. However, her best friend needed a business that would offer her a more stable and dependable income to support her, and the business was dissolved. But once again, I saw how much fun my mother and her friend had creating these baskets even though they didn’t make a more constant supply of funds.

As you can see, many entrepreneurial ambitions were sparked in me. One of those sparks led to the beginning of one of the best snow removal Herndon VA services there is: M&M Expert Services.

M&M Expert Services has been in business for over 25 years of experience and is held to be a rising star when it comes to the commercial ice and snow removal Herndon VA services available. We vow to continue providing solid gold service to our valued clients. Don’t let you or your business be hindered or slowed down by snow or ice.

We provide snow and ice management services for all of Northern Virginia including Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn, Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Clifton, Fairfax, Falls Church, Herndon, Manassas, Oakton, Reston, Springfield, Sterling, Tyson’s Corner, and Vienna, Virginia.

Here are some of the properties that our capable line of snow removal Herndon VA equipment allows us to service:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Office Buildings
  • And More


M&M is licensed, insured, and ready to help you with all and any of your commercial ice and snow removal Herndon VA needs. We pride ourselves on our solid gold service to be the commercial snow and ice management company of choice within Northern Virginia. We make sure that we deliver the most efficient, reliable, and time-sensitive snow and ice management services necessary to make your property as safe as possible during the wintertide. Because we are not a giant corporate contractor chain, we don’t have to jump through the corporate hoops that other businesses do, where they subcontract everything. With that being said, we have a lot faster turnaround times on getting estimates out, as well as scheduling, and completing services. Here in Virginia we all know that a storm can come out of nowhere, so pretreating a road or parking lot for ice and removing debris is extremely time-sensitive. extremely flexible and Most of our customers are on recurring packages that have us come back and take care of their properties, whether that means pretreating for ice, removing snow and ice, or removing junk or debris out of the roads and parking lots. They are on recurring packages because they value our flexibility, speed, and efficiency.


Get Ahead Of The Storm!

In our experience, the businesses that are proactive thrive, and the ones that are reactive are the ones that are always bogged down with problems, putting out burning fires, and taking care of emergencies. Although, we will definitely assist – even if you wait until the last minute – most of our clients have us regularly service their properties with ice pretreatment and snow removal Herndon VA. This way, they are never blindsided by a snow storm or being reactive to a problem they could have avoided. Don’t wait! Get ahead of your competitors by getting ahead of the storm that will slow down their business. We have tons of different package options available to fit your businesses exact needs. Call and get your free estimate now!

We look forward to the opportunity to serve your company!